Walking in Dominion

Dr David Oyedepo

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The whole earth is groaning under the wicked rule of Satan and his evil cohorts that have held them captive in every facet of life. The world is patiently waiting for salvation, probably looking to God for help. He has sent them help already – you! We are in the day of His power, the season for the manifestation of the sons of God! This is the much awaited time, when saviors shall arise from Zion, and through the many-sided wisdom of God, chase the devil back to hell where he belongs. This book, Walking In Dominion puts in your hand what it takes to fully take charge here on earth. It tells you what power you have, and shows you how to go about setting yourself and others free. It also puts in your hand some instruments for dominion, which will in no doubt put you in your rightful place of authority. Get this book, and learn how to rule here on earth!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review