Success Systems (Hardback)

Dr David Oyedepo

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Every single person has equal opportunities to either succeed or fail in life. However, the big question is – why does one succeed and another fail? This book, Success Systems Dr David Oyedepo has packaged systems, which when followed, will make your success dream a reality. This book has practical information of what is needed to make any man successful in every department of life. In Success Systems, You will learn: – That life is a race and it takes only those who see it as such, to succeed because champions are declared only at the end of every contest. – That nothing of value in life comes cheap. – That the top is open and free but everyone has to make his way there. – That it takes an oath of unflinching, dedication, diligent, devoted commitment to your pursuit in life to become a star. This book is a MUST READ


(No reviews yet) Write a Review